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I'm selling some items on eBay you might be interested in. Music is the gift that keeps on giving.

National 4-Track CompilationA new Joe Jack Talcum home recording was released on the National 4-Track Compilation September 30 on Sump Pump Records. You can order it now on limited edition vinyl.

I will be performing solo acoustic this coming Wednesday, November 16, in Allentown, Pennsylvania at Alternative Gallery with Georgia's Eureka California.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me on the Kidnapped! Tour with Coolzey and D&D Sluggers, and on the Tandem Solo tour with F. WOODS. A swell time was had by all.

I was a guest on the year-end episode of Musical Osmosis on December 30. If you missed it you can download the episode from the link in the previous sentence.

A new split 7 inch by F.O.D. and The Dead Milkmen was released on October 30 on SRA Records. More information here in this blog posting at the deli.

I recently played a show at Johnny Brenda's Tavern in Philly opening for the fantastic R. Ring. Thanks to all those who attended. Click here for upcoming show dates.

On January 15, 2015 I took part in the 78 Project film showing in Philadelphia at International House by performing the folk song "Railroad Bill" which was recorded directly to a 78 RPM acetate record. You can see and hear it here.

Home Recordings 1993 - 1999 has been released on limited-edition vinyl and cassette by HHBTM Records in September. It's the second compilation of home recordings on HHBTM, covering the second half of the compliation released on CD by Valiant Death in 2004, with the addition of two bonus tracks.

Detonator (2013), the film shot in Philadelphia starring Lawrence Michael Levine and Benjamin Ellis Fine, and directed by Damon Maulucci and Keir Politz for which I provided the score, was released April 11 on iTunes and video-on-demand outlets by Breaking Glass Pictures.

Comfort and Joy holiday compilation has been released on vinyl, cassette and mp3. A limited edition of clear vinyl records has been pressed. Proceeds go toward helping homeless youth. Check it out! It features songs by Mike Watt, Rob Crow (of Pinback), The Music Tapes, and several others including me.

Check out my session recorded live for the On the Hill video series recorded in July 2013. And, for a blast to the more distant past, check out my live Daytrotter session with Samuel Locke-Ward and Dan Butler.

A recent Samuel Locke-Ward album, "Namedropper", out now on Bandcamp, includes a song with guitar played by me. There are also 29 other guests guitarists on the album including Dean Clean and Dandrew!

All four Dead Milkmen self-released 7-inch singles are now available from the Dead Milkmen's music store.

My album Home Recordings has been released on vinyl by HHBTM Records and is now available via mail order or at finer record shops.

If you are interested in obtaining my 7-inch split record with The Bassturd, send me an email ( I have one song on one side ("Lonelyland") and the Bassturd has two songs on the other.

The Dead Milkmen have released our first studio album in 16 years, and our first album with our new bass player, Dandrew. Titled The King in Yellow it can be purchased on mp3 and compact disc directly from the Dead Milkmen website. It is also available from iTunes.

- Joe Jack

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