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October 2017

Live at the Halloween Barn Party, October 1994 - Touch Me Zoo (mp3 file - 44.3 MB)

This month's bootleg was first published on the Facebook page for Touch Me Zoo. It was recorded on Tascam 4-track cassette live at a concert that Touch Me Zoo performed in a barn somewhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for a Halloween party in October 1994. Most of the party attendees were in costume. There was a keg of birch beer. I don't remember much else about the event except that we used the 4-track to make a live recording which was mixed by Seven. I assume we fed a direct line from the mixing board into the 4-track and also had some open air microphones for the recording. I also remember that we played a Ween song which was rather new at that time, which I sang very poorly.

Set list:
  • Bagel What
  • I Myself And Me
  • Snot
  • Drug Sniffin' Dog
  • Pop Song '92
  • Happy Birthday
  • Don't Shit Where You Eat (Ween cover)
  • Silly Dreams
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