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July 2018

Two Feet Off The Ground (Live, 1986) - The Dead Milkmen (mp3 9.02 MB)

This month's bootleg is a complement to the B.O.T.M. of March 2011, the Eat Your Paisley Demos. This recording of 2 Feet Off the Ground was appended to the cassette of 4-track demos that we provided to Fever Records and producer John Wicks prior to the recording of the Eat Your Paisley album in early 1986. (We did not make a 4-track recording of this song.) I believe this is a direct-from-soundboard recording from a venue called City Bites which was a restaurant and stage-less show space that had matinee all-ages shows, usually on Sundays, located in the Olde City section of Philly.
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