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August 2017

"Blackness" Outtakes - Jasper Thread (mp3 file - 9.02 MB)

In 1987, when I was living in the Germantown section of Philadephia, I made a mostly home-recorded album (3 of the songs were recorded in a real studio) called Nowhere is Far under the moniker Jasper Thread. It was designed to fit onto one side of a 60-minute cassette. I finished the music and sequenced the songs, but I never made cover art for it and never issued it. Instead, I decided to scrap two songs from it and replace those with some new recordings to make it fit on one side of a 90-minute cassette, and I renamed the album Blackness. These are the two songs that were scrapped. The first had the working title "Teenager World" before the slowed-down vocals were added. The second song had the working title "I Don't Want To Know". Since I never made artwork for Nowhere Is Far I never came up with final song titles.

You can hear the entire 8-song Nowhere is Far album in its original sequence here.

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