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February 2018

Bitchin' Camaro (on the Doctor Demento Show) - The Dead Milkmen (mp3 file - 3.44 MB)

(This is a repeat of the Bootleg of the Month for April 2016.)

This edited version of "Bitchin' Camaro" was played on the Doctor Demento show back in August of 1987. The Dead Milkmen were on a U.S. tour at the time and happened to flip through the radio stations during one Sunday night of travel to find the Doctor on the air. After listening to the show for a few minutes we were surprised to hear a listener request our song which the Doctor played. (Later we would meet Doctor Demento at a record signing in California, and even later we would be asked to contribute a song to Doctor Demento's Covered in Punk album.)
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