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November 2018

Live in New Hope, October 28, 2018 - Danjomar (mp3 96.6 MB)

This month's bootleg is fresh off the press. It was recorded just a few days ago at John & Peter's bar in New Hope, PA at a show held to celebrate the 40th birthday of Dan's friend Chris Dykes. Danjomar is Dan Stevens on bass and backing vocals, Marshall Fischer on drums and me on acoustic guitar and vocals. We played a shamelessly sloppy set of mostly Dead Milkmen songs, including some requests. I learned that my little Acoustic guitar amp was no match for the bass and drums in terms of volume. I had it fully cranked but it still was not loud enough. (I could barely hear it on the stage but the recording proves that it could be heard in the house.)

Thanks to Marshall for the recording which was made on his digital handheld Tascam device.
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