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March 2017

Studio Red Sessions - Part 1 - Ornamental Wigwam (mp3 file - 8.64 MB)

In the summer of 1990, Ornamental Wigwam (which was Dave Blood and me) booked a couple recording sessions in Adam Lasus's Studio Red with Secret Cinema's Jay Schwartz as the producer. For one of the sessions we had a drummer, Seth Baer (of Nixon's Head). But for this session, which I believe was the first of the two, we recorded without a drummer which was the way we performed live at shows.

This month's bootleg is a collection of some of the songs we recorded:
  • Sorry, Grandpa is a terrible song that we sometimes played live. Touch Me Zoo would record another version of this song, with slightly different lyrics, about a year later. The song was thankfully never released by either duo.
  • I'm Living In Wisconsin - Take One. This is the oldest original song in the bunch, written in 1982. It would later be recorded by the band Butterfly Joe for our first and only album in 1999.
  • Tell Me How - Take Two. This is a cover of a Buddy Holly song that Ornamental Wigwam frequently performed in our live shows.
The songs were engineered by Adam Lasus and produced by Jay Schwartz. They were digitized from a cassette reference dub. You can get a zipped version of the separated songs here.
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