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November 2017

Strawberries and Asparagus, Side 1 and Side 2 - Jack Talcum & the Creeps (2 mp3 files - 22 MB each)

This is perhaps one of the worst albums I've ever put together. It was compiled one day in early 1980 from random solo recordings plus a couple songs that were recorded on the spot to fill out the tape. By this time two "Dead Milkmen" tapes had been made (So Long Seventies and Folk Songs for the Eighties) and I had published a couple issues of the fake Jack Talcum Fan Club Newzletter. I recall that I had stayed home from school the day I made this album but from the sound of it I wasn't all that sick, except maybe in the head. I'm not sure of the titles of the songs because the ink faded almost completely on the back cover, but there are some clues in the liner notes.

Strawberries and Asparagus album cover
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