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December 2017

So Long Seventies - The Dead Milkmen with Jack Talcum, Jr. (mp3 file - 72.9 MB)

This is the first cassette album made with the 'Dead Milkmen' name. (In the fictional Dead Milkmen backstory, this is the third Dead Milkmen album, but it is the first to feature Jack Talcum, Jr.) This tape was made with the help of my friend Garth as well as my youngest brother, Ben, and my sister, Mary Beth, and the youth director from Garth's church whose name now escapes me. It was meant to be intentionally bad but in a humorous way. Whether it has any entertainment value at all is debatable. As the story goes, Garth passed his copy of the tape on to Rodney at our high school, which led the way for Rodney joining us for future 'Dead Milkmen' escapades, which in turn paved the way for the real band of the same name.

I gave away my only copy of the tape sometime during the mid-90s via the mail and I don't remember who I sent it to. But someone digitized it and it found its way to the Internet. Currently someone named "Jasper's Banjo" is streaming this album on YouTube but that version inexplicably has an extra song tacked on it. The version here is how it was originally presented.

The link above gives you both sides of the album in a single file. If you would like each song in its own file use this here link for a zipped up file:

  1. Please Don't Touch Me
  2. Paperweight
  3. Old MacDonald
  4. Reach Out
  5. Crazy
  6. Ain't Gonna Get My Love
  7. Raúl
  8. When the Saints Come Marching In
  9. Get Up on Your Knees
  10. Mystery Killer
  11. Hello, Goodbye
  12. Save for the Sky
  13. The Times They Are A'Changin
  14. Auld Lang Syne
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