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April 2017

Studio Red Sessions - Part 2 - Ornamental Wigwam (mp3 file - 15.2 MB)

In the summer of 1990, Ornamental Wigwam (which was Dave Blood and me) booked a couple recording sessions in Adam Lasus's Studio Red with Secret Cinema's Jay Schwartz as the producer. For one of the sessions we had a drummer, Seth Baer (of Nixon's Head). These are the songs that were recorded in that session:
  • Life Is Better In the Movies
  • Whale In The Sea
  • Shopper Gopper (Shopper Gobbler)
  • Hats Off To Hazel
  • Bone In My Nose
The songs were engineered by Adam Lasus and produced by Jay Schwartz. They were digitized from a cassette reference dub.

Dave Blood: Bass, vocals
Joe Jack Talcum: Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Seth Baer: Drums, percussion
Andy Bresnan: Horns (on Life Is Better In The Movies)
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