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My More Home Recordings (1984 - 2017) cassette is almost out of print. There are less than a dozen copies left. Get yours now before they sell out! Each tape features almost 90 mintues of home-recorded lo-fi tunes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to a show on my Dog Day's Tour or my Who Wore it West Tour! I had a great time at every stop. I'm taking a break from playing solo shows for the rest of the year, but The Dead Milkmen have a show at Irving Plaza in New York City on December 15, 2018 with Sage Francis and Gibbous Moon!

Thanks to everyone who came out for my Entertain Your Membrane tour with Coolzey! I hope everyone's membrane was sufficiently entertained. I had a great time personally.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see DANJO on our first ever tour of Australia! We had a wonderful time. A big thanks to Justin Daniel for bringing us over and putting together a great tour. It was great to see the Dead Milkmen fans down under.

The Dead Milkmen have released a 6-song EP on the Giving Groove label. It's called Welcome to the End of the World and it is available currently on vinyl and digital download. You can also stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and other similar services. Half of all proceeds from digital and physical sales are donated to Girls Rock Philly.

On January 12, 2018, Dr. Demento Covered in Punk was be released as a triple vinyl album set oand a double CD set to worldwide critial acclaim. It was also be released digitally on iTunes. The album contains novelty songs covered by punk bands as well as punk songs covered by non-punk artists, as a tribute to the amazing Dr. Demento. The doctor himself introduces the tracks as he would on his radio show. The Dead Milkmen have a track on the album, a cover of the song Lydia The Tattooed Lady.

I was a guest on last year's year-end episode of Musical Osmosis on December 30. If you missed it you can download the episode from the link in the previous sentence.

I recently played a show at Everyone Hits (the batting cages) in Philly opening for the fantastic R. Ring. Thanks to all those who attended. Click here for upcoming show dates.

On January 15, 2015 I took part in the 78 Project film showing in Philadelphia at International House by performing the folk song "Railroad Bill" which was recorded directly to a 78 RPM acetate record. You can see and hear it here.

Home Recordings 1993 - 1999 has been released on limited-edition vinyl and cassette by HHBTM Records in September. It's the second compilation of home recordings on HHBTM, covering the second half of the compliation released on CD by Valiant Death in 2004, with the addition of two bonus tracks.

Comfort and Joy holiday compilation has been released on vinyl, cassette and mp3. A limited edition of clear vinyl records has been pressed. Proceeds go toward helping homeless youth. Check it out! It features songs by Mike Watt, Rob Crow (of Pinback), The Music Tapes, and several others including me.

A recent Samuel Locke-Ward album, "Namedropper", out now on Bandcamp, includes a song with guitar played by me. There are also 29 other guests guitarists on the album including Dean Clean and Dandrew!

- Joe Jack

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