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September 2022

Cows and Gals side 1 and side 2 - The Dead Milkmen

Cows and Gals cover art Cows & Gals is the fifth "fake" Dead Milkmen cassette that was made before the band actually existed. It was recorded during the winter of 1980-81 while I was home on break after my first semester of college. The bulk of the recording was done by me alone though I had help from Garth and Rodney on some of the tracks*. (The song Plum Dumb would later find a place on the real Dead Milkmen's debut LP, Big Lizard in My Backyard.)

Side One:
  1. When You Are Dead
  2. A Cow Is All I Need
  3. *Guitar Strings
  4. *What's Wrong With Screaming In Your Sleep?
  5. *Stuffed Animals
  6. Plum Dumb
  7. Love You Blue

Side Two:
  1. Only Lust
  2. *Petrified Beach
  3. *The Milkman Moo
  4. Bang Bang
  5. *Consumer Goods
  6. *Dogflowers
  7. When's This Fighting Going To Stop?
  8. Love Me Blue
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