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October 2021

Sellersville Sessions, January 15, 1984 - The Dead Milkmen (mp3; 51.7 MB)

This is a dub of a cassette recorded at a Dead Milkmen rehearsal on January 15, 1984 in Dean's parents' basement. This is not the entire rehearsal. We did not leave the tape recorder rolling. Rather we started it to capture specific songs during the practice session. We did this at a number of our rehearsals back then and took the best recordings and compiled them onto a tape we called Death Rides a Pale Cow which we sold at shows. I don't think any of these versions ended up on Pale Cow though I could be wrong. There was a small audience of teenagers, friends of Dean's sister, in attendance and it sounds as if one of them joined in on guitar for the extended jam titled "This is Radio Trash" and on "Rastabilly" but I don't recall who it was.

  1. Beach Party Vietnam
  2. Dean's Dream
  3. Plum Dumb
  4. Phun (improv. lyrics)
  5. Laundromat Song
  6. VFW
  7. Junkie
  8. Stupid Mary Anne
  9. This is Radio Trash
  10. Rastabilly

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