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July 2020

Live in a West Covina, California Bedroom - The Huge Bicycle Tour (The Basturd, Lord Grunge and Joe Jack Talcum) (mp3; 21.4 MB)

The most unique show of the Huge Bicycle Tour in early 2010 was the one in West Covina, California on February 4. It was the only show of the tour that took place in a bedroom. It was the only show where we used a home stereo system as the P.A. And it was the only show for which we interleaved our sets. Dan Butler did not think to record the show until most of it was over. This is what was recorded and I'm guessing it's the only document of that night. DJ Jester was also on tour with us and he picked songs not represented here. There were also some local acts not recorded. So, what you have in this month's bootleg is a couple songs (including a Daniel Johnston cover) by me joined by Dan Butler (a/k/a The Bassturd) on accordion, and then a couple songs by Lord Grunge, then a song by The Bassturd (a Devo cover) and then two more songs by me.
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