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December 2019

Fancy Walls 2012 - Joe Jack Talcum (mp3; 10.6 MB)

I recently found this recording on YouTube, thanks to my friend Jason, on a channel by "philrocka" although it was posted back in 2012. I think this is a live recording from a house concert which someone, perhaps philrocka, overdubbed banjo. Or maybe the banjo player was there with me at the show, I don't really remember. But I have a feeling it was overdubbed. Anyway, it's this month's bootleg. You can hear the original YouTube version I nabbed this from here:

Update: mystery solved. This is not a house concert recording. This is a live studio recording with an audience. The banjo is live, not overdubbed. The banjo player is Hugh Hamilton. This is actually a track from my out-of-print album Live in the Studio. Thanks to Marshall Fischer for solving the mystery.
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