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April 2020

Daniel Johnston Cover Set at World Cafe Live - Joe Jack Talcum (zip file; 24.3 MB)

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, I performed a short set of Daniel Johnston songs in celebration of his birthday at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia directly before the screening of the film The Devil and Daniel Johnston. This month's bootleg is a collection of mp3s of that set. It was recorded and masterd by Dissenter Works.
I spoke a bit before playing the song Casper the Friendly Ghost and inadvertantly provided some incorrect information. Welcome to My World was not the name of one of the cassettes that Daniel gave to the Dead Milkmen in 1985. The cassettes were named Yip/Jump Music and Hi How Are You. Sorry about that. I think I became confused because when I was learning some of the songs from my computer, the album title for them was Welcome to My World but that is the name of a compilation album from the 2000s.
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