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January 2020

Live at Volume IV, New Brunswick NJ, July 7, 2019 - Joe Jack Talcum (mp3; 10.6 MB)

This live set was recorded by Dan Butler at a show that took place in a rehearsal studio called Volume IV in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The recording starts midway through the first song. It was a very hot day. You might hear an electrical fan running in the background.

Set list:
  • Secret of Life
  • I Have Seen The Sun All Over The World
  • Alcohol
  • One False Move
  • Never Had A Pony
  • Jellyfish Heaven
  • The Badger Song
  • Punk Rock Girl
  • Big Business Monkey (Daniel Johnston cover)
  • If I Had A Gun
  • Yesterday I Was Talking To My Sister
  • Tiny Town
  • Railroad Bill
  • Methodist Coloring Book
  • Talk
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