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July 2021

Touch Me Zoo - Touch Me Zoo (mp3; 31.4 MB)

Touch Me Zoo is the second full length album by Touch Me Zoo (our self-titled album). It was released on casseette only and was given away and not sold. I doubt that more the fifty copies were made. It contains three covers (two Beatles and one John Lennon) and ten originals, two or three of which are not really songs in a traditional sense. Seven played bass and most lead guitar parts plus backing vocals (lead vocals on 'Working Class Hero'). The sessions took place in 1992 between Dead Milkmen tours and between moving from one apartment to another. I didn't really plan to move but I neglected to renew my lease so I had to. But the new apartment which came to be known as Buckingham Palace Studios (on Buckingham Place in Philadelphia) turned out to have great acoustics and was a much better space overall.

Songlist: A zip file containing the songs split into individual mp3 files can be downloaded here.

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