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April 2019

Dead Milkmen Live at the No Bar & Grill - July 20, 1986, Muncie, Indiana. (mp3; 99 MB)

Note: this bootleg was originally posted September 2005. This year the Bootleg of the Month revisits popular recordings from the archives.

On a hot, humid night in July of 1986, the Dead Milkmen played a small stageless storefront club in Muncie, Indiana, known as the No Bar and Grill. Indeed, there was no bar in the venue. No alcohol was served. The venue was open to folks of any age but teenagers comprised the bulk of the patrons. In addition to there being no bar, or grill, there was also no air conditioning, so there was a lot of prespiration. Our set was recorded on cassette by an audience member, I don't know who, which is how we have the document of this show.